The Space Between Us

...o.o hi?
I'm... sorta alive. Classes start and I'm not particulary fond of LJ so... Hiatus, maybe? Or just a heads up that I'm not really here... I'm not even checking journals anymore. :(

/doesn't even feel right about posting this

The reason for a livejournal

i want this to be a journal that i can post my work in.. if i want others to read it then i'll post if for others but for the most part... this will be a general update and fanfiction, poem, lyrics, etc journal.

i will update frequently but i will also maintaining my journalspace journal.

this journal will change from being friends only to private and back again a lot. be warned now ^_^()

Holy gods... I only realized now that this thing hasn't been changed in 3 years. That's.. SAD. xD Quite frankly, this LJ is for me to rant about life, love, friends and anime. And music. And anything else that happens to come to mind.

That's about it. I... can't really think of anything else.
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